Colossal in Columbia


Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s beautiful interior is a piece of serenity, is a place called Tobiano, which is situated on 1,000 breath-taking acres, surrounded by mountain and lake views.
Tobiano is the most acclaimed public golf course in Canada created in this generation. The winner of more awards than any other modern public golf course in Canada, Tobiano golf course provides a stunning golf experience, built on one of the most spectacular pieces of land in Canada.
Designed by leading designer Thomas McBroom, Tobiano is one of his many golf course that can be found all over the World from Europe to China to the Caribbean, but most prevalently in his native Canada. McBroom knew he had found something unique when he first saw the site for Tobiano: “My first thought was just how powerful the site is from a drama and a beauty point of view. I’ve said it many times, but Tobiano has to be the best site that I’ve ever seen in terms of that beauty and that drama.”
McBroom’s courses are distinguished by their details, strategy, routing and outstanding beauty, and have routinely been regarded as among the best courses in Canada, of which Tobiano is his most highly ranked work. Tobiano’s award-winning clubhouse perfectly fits its surrounding environment, it is a mix of timeless and modern, where the bustle of life can slow down and soak in a scene unparalleled in Canadian golf.

Perched high near the intersection of the 1st and 10th holes, the clubhouse has remarkable views of Kamloops Lake, as well as the golf course. With doors that open the interior to the incredible beauty of the stunning natural setting of the course, the clubhouse is the perfect place for a post-round meal and beverage. The distant hills perfectly frame the vistas from the clubhouse, creating the perfect spot for relaxing before or after your game.
If you are looking for something a little more substantial the Black Iron Restaurant uses West Coast culinary influences and fuses them with the freshest local ingredients. The stunning setting and breath-taking views, coupled with a varied menu, makes the Black Iron a place where you will want to spend some time during your Tobiano experience. There is no doubt about it—Tobiano is a work of art and a spectacular golf experience rolled into one.

Right from the get-go of teeing off, through to the stunning challenge of its closing hole, Tobiano will capture your imagination with breath-taking scenery that is rivalled only by the quality of its course. Views of Lake Kamloops dominate at every corner so it is no surprise that Tobiano has been compared to some of the world’s best—Ballybunion in Ireland, Pebble Beach in California -it is simply that good.

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